PeerTube is a network of several federated, interoperable video hosting providers, comparable to YouTube. However, the service is not based on a central platform, but consists of many, decentralized instances that are run independently by private individuals, associations or other organizations. This means that users are not locked into a single provider, but are free to decide with whom they share what information.

Since PeerTube is based on open web protocols and free, open source software, it is also possible to communicate with other services such as Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, Friendica or Hubzilla. Users can share text, image, video messages or polls across services and servers.

Since August 2021 I run a public PeerTube instance:

Feel free to read the server rules and more information here (German). Feel free to register on my server or pick one from the lists linked below.

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