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Jitsi Meet State

Jitsi-Meet is a platform for video conferences. You can start fully encrypted video chats without registration. Additionally, Jitsi-Meet offers the possibility to share the screen with other participants, invite new users with a simple link and send messages in the integrated chat.

Enjoy using the instance with other people. If things don't run smoothly here, try the Jitsi Random Redirect. This will redirect you to a random Jitsi instance:

Server details

Jitsi does not only offer the usual functions of other video conferencing tools such as changing the camera background, noise suppression and reactions, but also some additional features.

With the Jitsi-Meet instance provided, meetings can be streamed live directly on platforms such as YouTube or PeerTube. It is also possible to record web meetings locally. External videos can also be viewed together during a conference. Thanks to the direct integration of Etherpad, shared notes can be created during meetings.

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My Offer

Since July 2020 I run my own Jitsi-Meet instance. You can find it at

If you want to have your own Jitsi server for you, your family or your company, I would be happy to support you with my company Ossrox. Please have a look at our services on our website or send me a message.