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Forgejo State

Forgejo is a simple code hosting platform like GitHub or GitLab. It is open source and under continuous development. I like to use Forgejo myself to manage my own projects. For example, this website. Take a look at the source code and leave me some feedback:

Feel free to visit and sign up if you're interested in developing a project. The registration is open since March 2020.

Server details

In addition to Forgejo, I also run Forgejo Actions, an add-on that extends the platform with numerous continuous integration functions. This makes it possible to create and deploy builds automatically. Forgejo Actions also enables automated tests. This allows changes to be continuously monitored in real time and errors to be detected at an early stage.

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My Offer

Since the end of 2019, I have been running my own Forgejo instance where I manage my projects. This way:

If you want to manage your projects in your own Forgejo, Gitea or GitLab instance, I will be happy to support you with my company Ossrox. Take a look at our offer on our website or write me a message.