All public services can be used for free. If you still want to contribute to the costs for server infrastructure or send me a small donation for my blog, you can support me in the following ways1:


You are welcome to recommend my services and my blog posts. I am very glad if I can make you happy with it.

Bank transfer

If you want to transfer some money to me, just write me a short message. I will then send you my bank details as soon as possible. I am especially happy about a standing order.
Bank transfer Supporters


If you want to send me some cash, feel free to send it to the address provided in the imprint.
Cash Supporters

Open Collective

You are also welcome to send me a small amount via Open Collective. If you like you can also support me with a regular donation.
Open Collective Supporters


Some of my services are hosted at netcup. If you want to run your own server or website at netcup, you can use the following link (on the picture). This way I get a small commission on your order. If you are a new customer, you will receive a 5€ voucher for your order.


I also host some of my services at Hetzner. If you want to run your own server in the Hetzner cloud, you are welcome to use the following link. This way I get a small commission for your order. If you are a new customer, you will get 20 € starting balance with your order.

Current Expenses

Name Type Provider Amount / Month Amount / Year
Websites Webhosting netcup 1,99 € 23,88 €
Diana VPS Hetzner 2,96 € 35,52 €
Ceres VPS netcup 5,50 € 66,00 €
Venus VPS netcup 3,33 € 39,96 €
Luna Root-Server netcup 14,00 € 168,00 €
Vesta Root-Server netcup 11,49 € 137,88 €
Backup Storage Box Hetzner 5,83 € 69,96 €
Additional IPv4 IPv4 netcup 1,00 € 12,00 €
Total 46,10 € 553,20 €

Donations 2022

Date Via Form Amount
11.08.2022 Bank transfer TeomaHK 10,00 €
11.07.2022 Bank transfer TeomaHK 10,00 €
03.06.2022 Bank transfer TeomaHK 10,00 €
11.05.2022 Bank transfer ub1x 20,00 €
03.05.2022 Bank transfer TeomaHK 10,00 €
04.04.2022 Bank transfer TeomaHK 10,00 €
15.03.2022 Bank transfer Jonathan Klatt 1,00 €
10.03.2022 Bank transfer Jonathan Klatt 1,42 €
03.03.2022 Bank transfer TeomaHK 10,00 €
14.02.2022 Bank transfer TeomaHK 10,00 €
17.01.2022 Bank transfer Jonathan Klatt 1,00 €
03.01.2022 Bank transfer TeomaHK 10,00 €
Total 103,42 €

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1 The payments made are donations in terms of § 516 BGB, not tax-deductible donations in terms of tax law.